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What We Do
Exclusive project sales, real estate development, investment management and international realty.
What We Do
Inspiring global connections, leveraging diverse expertise: Redefining the vision of real estate
What We Do
International real estate innovation, specialized sales execution and investment management
What We Do
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We transform global real estate by connecting partners, crafting exceptional projects, and maximizing returns.

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Concept Development

From strategic land ventures and proven expertise to tailored guidance and diverse opportunities, we are your partner in shaping visionary and successful real estate ventures.

Real Estate Investment Management

Whether you’re an individual investor or an institution, we tailor our strategies to align with your unique financial goals with our Real Estate Investment Management...

Exclusive Project Sales

Embark on a journey of global real estate success with Mars International's Exclusive Project Sales service.

International Brokerage

We specialize in connecting buyers with their ideal properties and helping sellers achieve their real estate goals. Our deep market knowledge and network of industry...

Real Estate Development

From visionary design concepts and meticulous construction to comprehensive financial planning and unmatched dedication, we are your partner in crafting unique and successful real estate...

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MARS draws its strength from an expert team located in different geographies.

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With slow economic growth throughout Europe, as well as heightened inflation, 2023 was quite uneventful for the property sector in Europe. This weak economic growth resulted in lackluster property market activity and may pose a challenge for the real estate market in 2024. Continue reading to know our performance expectations from Europe’s real estate investment …


Investing in Dubai Real Estate

The real estate investment sector of Dubai has always been resilient and one that has pulled investors from all over the globe. This sector is jampacked with opportunities and has evolved massively in recent years.  2023 was a year of extreme growth for Dubai real estate, involving billions of dollars in investments. This uptick in …



The Turkish property market has maintained its progress and expansion owing to rising demands from local and foreign investors. The market growth can also be attributed to the government’s efforts to drive foreign investments in the country through the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program. So, will the market maintain the same growth in 2024? Continue …

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